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Playing Last Man Standing

Can you predict football results?

The Idea

  • Simple
  • Easy

Can you predict football results? Test your prediction skills, raise funds for the PTA, win a cash prize and be our champion Last Man / Woman Standing.

The rules are simple. Predict a winner of one Premier League match each week. If your team wins, you progress to the next week. The only snag is that you must pick a different team each week. Lose or draw and you are out.

The jackpot will be collected either by the last person left in the competition or divided equally amongst those who make it to the end of the season.

Know More

How to Play

  • How it Works
  • To select your team for the current week, click on Make Selection
  • To see the current week's fixtures, click on Fixtures
  • To see all the teams in the competition, click on Teams
  • To see the other team selections (after all selections are in), click on Selections
  • The see the full rules, click on Rules

Latest News

A new competition started on the 21st January 2017

We have a total of 169 teams that have entered the latest competition. Good luck to all of you who have entered and we will announce the winning prize shortly.

James Lovell & Ben Morgan

Enjoy the fun and excitement of participation, see if you have what it takes to emulate the success of our current and previous champions and help us raise even more cash for BCS PTA

-James Lovell & Ben Morgan

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